Hello friends:

Welcome to my personal blog. I am so glad you decided to visit. Here is where I will express myself, my time with God or just something to encourage along your walk with our God!!!

First let me be honest with you … I am a full-time Pastor and I love what I do. I love people and I love watching people’s lives be changed. But the truth is that for years my own spiritual life was like a roller coaster, up and down, with far fewer ups than downs. I experienced more anxiety than peace, more fear than faith, more emptiness than fulness, and more failure than success.

In fact … for all practical purposes my born again experience had NOT set me free. Was I saved? YES … Was I free? NO I knew God’s pardon … but NOT His freedom! Old habits still harassed me, twisted emotions still paralyzed me and the power of sin continued to defeat me. Consequently, I knew NO joy, only frustration. I longed for the freedom Jesus promised. But for some reason it always was beyond my grasp!

My problem was NOT one of desire … I wanted with all my heart to please GOD! But I was never able to to follow through with any consistency. I always felt like I was fighting a losing battle. Eventually it dawned on me … I was in bondage; I was a prisoner. The reality of that situation pushed me to the brink of despair! It was in the early morning hours, after crying out to God all night long, that I suddenly realized that I had to relinquish COMPLETE control of my ENTIRE life!

With a deep longing in my heart, I began to search the Bible with ONE objective … to KNOW the real JOY of real freedom in Christ, freedom to become the person GOD intended me to be! And Jesus unlocked the door to my prison cell with six simple words: “THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE“!

I started this blog … so that I could help others with the principles I learned from the promise of GOD in those six simple words! I pray these three things for you as you journey with me:

  1. That you would understand that even the best of us has issues.
  2. That God would use this blog to help you expose areas of bondage in your life.
  3. That you would learn that “THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!”

Go and be set free,

Pastah Rob


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