No Condemnation – Day 5

Welcome back friends:

Here is day FIVE of our journey together.  May it be step five in a walk into a new freedom in Christ for you.

You probably already know I like to ask questions so I have one for you today as well.  Ok here goes … do you think God LIKES you? Now some of you are probably saying to yourselves … don’t you mean does God LOVE me? No … I really mean … do you believe that GOD really LIKES you?

I ask that question all the time … because it cuts to the very heart of how we really believe God feels about us. If He showed up today … would he want to spend time around you?

Isn’t it strange how much more comfortable we are with the concept of God loving us but not as comfortable with God liking us? Why do you think that is the case? I honestly believe that it’s because we do NOT really believe that GOD has forgiven us completely. So each of us lives with a little sense of condemnation. We say we are forgiven … but deep down in our hearts we are NOT fully convinced that God is still not a little angry with us.

The truth is, every reason God being angry with us has already been dealt with on a hill called Calvary. Our forgiveness is so complete that God not only loves us … but He likes us too! Think about it … Paul says in Romans 8:1 … there is NO condemnation for those of us who are IN Christ! You are NOT condemned … Christ was condemned on your behalf and you are FREE!!!

But some of you are asking right now, so “why do I feel so condemned”? Why don’t I feel forgiven? It’s probably because we have NOT made up our minds completely to take GOD at His Word! Instead most of us measure our worthiness and acceptability by our performance. To be FREE from those feelings of condemnation … you have to wrap your brain around this truth … there is now NO CONDEMNATION for those who are in Christ! Try it … you might like it!

Key Thought – In Christ we are completely FREE from any condemnation!

Prayer – Heavenly Father … thanks for wanting a relationship with me so intensely that you were willing to removing any barrier standing in the way of that relationship. Give me the courage to ignore my feelings and take you at your Word. By fauth I accept that truth right now.

In Jesus’ name … Amen!!!


Husband ... Father ... Brother ... Friend ... Pastor ... Teacher ... Lover of people!

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