Transformed – Day 4

Welcome back friends:

Here is day FOUR of our journey together.  May it be step four in a walk into a new freedom in Christ for you.

Most of us have had the frustrating experience of making a commitment only to find that several days later we break it. It happens all the time in religious circles, we promise God the moon, no more lying, cursing, cheating, smoking, drinking and on and on, you know the routine. But unfortunately, most of us have broken them before we even made it back to the church parking lot the next time.

I believe that most of the time we make those decisions we are sincere. The problem is that nobody taught us to follow through. We were clear on what we should and should NOT do … it was the how to that was a mystery to us all. Year after year, that one crucial element was left out of those otherwise excellent messages.

The apostle Paul knew all to well the frustration of knowing what to do … without knowing how to do it. No doubt it was his own experience that made him sensitive to his reader’s needs in this important area of life when he penned this perfect statement to help us with the key to consistent change in Romans 12:2 … “by the renewing of your mind“.

Paul knew that our behavior is directly related to the way we think. For real change to take place on the outside, there must first be a change in our thinking. Until we get involved in the process of renewing our minds … any behavior change will only be for a short while.

Renewing your mind is a two step process … it involves taking out the old thoughts and replacing it with new ones. The old is the lies we have learned or were taught by those around us and have become a part of thinking whether or not their are true or reality. The new is the TRUTH.

To renew your mind is to involve yourself in the process of allowing God to bring to the surface the lies you have accepted and replace them with truth. To the degree that you do this, your behavior will be transformed. The rest of our days together will help us in this life changing process.

Key Thought – Biblical imperatives, apart from Biblical thinking, result in short term obedience and long term frustration.

Prayer – Heavenly Father, thank you for giving me insight into how I am to go about making the principles of your Word a daily reality in my life. Thank you for NOT expecting instant change. As I open your Word, guide me to those portions of Scripture that contain the specific truths that I need fro renewing my mind today. Thank you for providing such a simple way to ensure my freedom from the world and its destructive influence!

In Jesus’ name … AMEN!


Husband ... Father ... Brother ... Friend ... Pastor ... Teacher ... Lover of people!

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