The Dead Don’t Sin – Day 3

Welcome back friends:

Here is day THREE of our journey together.  May it be step three in a walk into a new freedom in Christ for you.

Freedom begins and ends at the cross of Jesus. It was at Calvary that the penalty of our sin was dealt with once and for all. It was there that Jesus was punished on our behalf in order that we might be free of sin’s debt.

But something else took place at the cross that equally effects our freedom. Not only was the penalty of sin dealt with that day, but also the power of sin as well. His death and resurrection marked the end of sin’s power to control us as sinners. Just as sin cold NOT control Jesus, so it is powerless to control anyone who puts their faith in Christ.

Unfortunately, many of you who are nodding your head right now in agreement are not actually free. Most of us are still slaves to the same habits and sins that plagued us in our pre-Christ days.  For most of us there is no victory over sin. There is little joy and thus no reason to keep struggling and we give in with the excuse, “well nobody’s perfect”.

But God does not intend for us to continue to live like that, as slaves to sin. The message of the cross is freedom from sin … both in it’s penalty and power. While it is true we will always be tempted, it is NOT true we have to give in to temptation. The moment you give Him your heart, you were given a new life … Christ’s life.

You died to your old life, a life dominated by the power and lure of sin. Your new life is the same life which enabled Christ to live on this earth for 33 years without sinning. It is the very life that allowed him to walk right out of the grave unaffected by death. When you are born again you become a new person with new potential in regard to sin and death.

But in order for that to work … you must accept that as fact and act on it. As long as we think and believe otherwise we will continue to live as slaves.

So have you acknowledged your freedom from sin’s power? Have you been claiming it? Or have you been relying on your feelings as indicators of your relationship to sin? Your feelings will always tell you nothing has changed … you are who you have always been.

But God says you are different … he says you are dead to sin and dead people are free form the power of sin. Who will you choose to believe today?

Key Thought – We are as free as we dare to believe ourselves to be!

Prayer – Heavenly Father, thank you for breaking the power of sin in my life. I want to experience this freedom and accept the truth that I am free from sin’s power. I claim ahead of time the victory that is mine in Christ. Remind me of this precious truth as I face the battles of life each and every day.

In Jesus’ name … AMEN!


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