Max Freedom – Day 2

Welcome back friends:

Here is day TWO of our journey together.  May it be step two in a walk into a new freedom in Christ for you.

First off … let me start by telling you that I have a confession … for years I honestly thought that God was working against my personal freedom. I pictured him as a divine police officer who spent the majority of his time creating ways to restrict my freedom and liberty.

Scriptures like those found in Galatians 5:1Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage” made little sense to me. I would read them over and over and often wondered to myself, if Christ came to set me free, why did I feel like such a slave?

Then one day while I was reading the creation story again in the first three chapters of Genesis and it hit me like a ton of bricks. If you think about it … Adam and Eve had ONE rule! Imagine if you can for a moment … what it would be like living in a world where there was only ONE rule!!! Think about it … in a perfect environment, where everything was just the way God designed it, he issued only ONE “thou shalt not”. In other words GOD is NOT a GOD of rules … but of FREEDOM!!! In the beginning he placed the first man and woman in a beautiful garden and for all intent and purposes He said, you are “FREE to enjoy yourselves.”

I am assuming you are asking yourself the same question that came to my mind. If that is true … where did all these moral and ethical taboos come from? What ever happened to the good old days of freedom? I am so glad you asked … because the answer can be found right there in Genesis chapter 3. Our forefathers, Adam and Eve, did the very thing they were told NOT to do and so opened the door to sin to the entire world. And with sin came death and we ALL became a slave to sin and death.

I know that society teaches us that freedom comes by throwing off all restraints … but the Bible actually teaches the opposite. If you think about it … true freedom is gained and maintained by following God’s laws. Just like a good parent set loving limitations for their children, so our loving Father sets moral and ethical perimeters for us.

It all boils down to a question of  TRUST! Can we trust that God knows what is best for us? Can we believe that He really has our best interest at heart? Adam and Eve didn’t and they lost the very freedom they were convinced their sin would ensure them.

What about you? Are you willing to accept the fact that God is a God of freedom … that His laws are there for our protection, given to ensure, not hamper our freedom?

If so, why not take a few minutes right now to surrender those areas over which you have steadfastly maintained control.  Confess your lack of faith and trust. Now rest in the assurance that God will grant you the maximum amount of freedom available in this sinful world!

Key Thought: “There is NO greater freedom … than that freedom found in God’s loving limitations!”


Heavenly Father … thank you for loving me enough to set limits on what I may or may not do. Grant me the wisdom to stay within the confines you have so wisely established. By sending your son to die you have assured me that you have my best interest at heart. I willingly surrender every area of my life with the assurance that in doing so I am guaranteed freedom!

In Jesus name … AMEN!!


Husband ... Father ... Brother ... Friend ... Pastor ... Teacher ... Lover of people!

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